6 years old, the tooth fairy comes to you !!!

The first teeth to fall out and the permanent teeth

The incisors and first permanent molars appear!!!! In principle, the permanent incisors nibble at the roots of the milk teeth, until they fall out...BUT, often the permanent tooth is "shifted" and appears behind the milk tooth which only falls out afterwards !!! During the period when both teeth are present at the same time, one behind the other, hygiene must be very strict.

The permanent teeth are more yellow than the milk teeth...this is normal; it doesn't mean that your child will have yellow teeth...moreover they are rarely well aligned at the beginning, because the tongue hasn't yet exerted pressure to straighten them out.


Teeth brushing
It is time to use a fluoride toothpaste (1000 to 1500 ppm fluoride)… the value of a pea on the toothbrush and… three times a day !!!

Be careful to brush the final molars which often appear without your child noticing it behind the milk molars ... he must adapt the movement, farther down (the 6 year old teeth appear behind the milk molars) and well all the faces:

  • the external faces (cheek and lip side),

  • the crushing faces (which are used to crush food)

  • the inner faces (palate or tongue side)

  bottom to top, always from pink to white.


Finally, a few strokes of toothbrush on the back of the tongue to keep your breath fresh.

That's everything you need to learn at 6 years old !!!

6-year-old molars are more susceptible to cavities because of their shape (many grooves) and their location. Cavities most often start at the bottom of the furrows. When these are very anfractuous, your dentist may decide to perform a " furrow sealing " in order to make them smoother, "less easy to attack by cavities".


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