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3D Digital Impression


The taking of dental impressions is essential before the realization of prostheses: partial or complete dental appliances, crowns, bridges, gutters, etc...
The standard impression with paste can be replaced in most cases.


The digital dental impression using an intra-oral scanner is a technology that combines comfort, precision, speed and efficiency for taking the impression of your teeth. 
Indeed, in a few seconds, the dynamic impression system can acquire several thousand images per second and also process more than one million 3D points per second.


This can have several advantages. It makes it easier for your dentist to monitor the evolution of your teeth. Impressions can be compared much more easily, making it easier to follow the movement of your teeth or their degree of wear.

It improves patient comfort (no gag reflex, no more material in the mouth, no more unpleasant taste of alginate).
Furthermore, the digital dental impression is a greener option than the one made with paste. It eliminates the waste associated with the latter.

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