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Ceramic Crown


1. What is a dental crown? 

A crown is (most of the time) a ceramic dental prosthesis that makes it possible to restore the visible part of a tooth that is too damaged and/or too fragile (fracture). It covers several facets of the tooth.
It can have multiple functions:

  • ensure the function

  • re-establish the shape

  • improve aesthetics

2. What is an crown on an inlaycore?

The inlay-core, also called false stump, is used in cases where

  • the tooth is too damaged on its outside, and will be too fragile after treatment to support a crown, and

  • when the devitalized root is still usable. 

If these two conditions are not met, your dentist will have to extract the tooth and will propose other treatments such as implants or dental bridges.

The inlay-core can be single or multi-channel depending on the number of tooth roots, in one piece or in several parts. The post of the inlay-core is cemented into the devitalized root and is topped with the ceramic crown.


3. How is installed a crown?

The intervention requires between 2 to 3 appointments:

  • during the first appointment, the dentist will perform an oral check-up to define the best dental rehabilitation technique.

  • During the intervention, the dentist will perform 

    • anaesthetize the tooth concerned by the operation in order to numb it,

    • the devitalization of each of the teeth if necessary,

    • the prep of the teeth to make the base on which the crown will rest,

    • an impression will be taken and sent to the laboratory to prepare the prosthesis,

    • the placement of a temporary crown.

  • during the last appointment, sealing the final prosthesis with a strong adhesive and then polishing to ensure a perfect finish.

4. What are the advantages of dental crowns?

Because of its characteristics, the dental crown is a good alternative when replacing a natural tooth:

  • aesthetics: identical color 

  • function: similar chewing functions

  • the resistance: very resistant 

  • comfort: the crown is a glued prosthesis and therefore very stable in the mouth.

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