Ceramic Crown

1. What is a crown? 
A crown is (most of the time) a ceramic dental prosthesis that makes it possible to restore the visible part of a tooth that is too damaged and/or too fragile (fracture). It covers several facets of the tooth.
It can have multiple functions:

  • ensure the function

  • re-establish the shape

  • improve aesthetics


2. Installing a dental crown
The intervention requires between 2 to 3 appointments:

  • during the first appointment, the dentist will perform an oral check-up to define the best dental rehabilitation technique.

  • During the intervention, the dentist will perform 

    • anaesthetize the tooth concerned by the operation in order to numb it,

    • the devitalization of each of the teeth if necessary,

    • the prep of the teeth to make the base on which the crown will rest,

    • an impression will be taken and sent to the laboratory to prepare the prosthesis,

    • the placement of a temporary crown.

  • during the last appointment, sealing the final prosthesis with a strong adhesive and then polishing to ensure a perfect finish.

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