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Dental Aesthetic & Smile Design

The different disciplines related to smile aesthetics


Dental aesthetics is increasingly becoming a priority for our patients. It is based on criteria related to the shape, alignment or shade of the teeth. The quality of the gums and the smile line are two other important aspects to be taken into account.

In order to maintain, restore or create a harmonious smile, we generally use techniques associated with several disciplines:

1. Replace one or more missing teeth

  • the placement of single or multiple implants (left picture) 

  • the use of a bridge (right )

  • sometimes additional surgery is necessary: pre-implant surgery to strengthen the bone (bone graft) and/or post-implant surgery to cover the gum (gum graft).

Straumann Implant Dentaire Dentiste Divo
prothèse-dentaire-Bridge Dentiste Divonne

2. Correct the shape of a tooth or restore it

  • replacing old, unsightly (colour) and leaky amalgam fillings with cosmetic materials

  • reconstruction of fractured incisal angles (inlay)

  • the placement of veneers on the visible side of the tooth

  • placing a crown to cover an entire tooth

  • reconstitution of eroded (chemical attack) or worn (mechanical wear) teeth (inlay / onlay)

  • increase in the visible part of the tooth (coronal elongation)

3. Correct or lighten the shade of the teeth 

  • ​To correct or lighten the shade of the teeth and regain a bright smile

    • teeth whitening (left picture)

    • veneers (right picture)

Facette Ceramique Dentiste Divonne

4. Correct the smile line / the alignment of teeth

To correct the smile line / the alignment of teeth (interdental spaces, small overlaps, ...) not requiring orthodontic treatment: 

5. Cover bare roots (gingival recession)

The covering of gingival recessions solves an aesthetic problem, hypersensitivity to cold or even tooth preservation.

chirurgie plastique parodontale-recessio

6. Thicken your gums

Thicken your gums that are too thin for:

  • aesthetically, to hide the colored root of a devitalized tooth or next to an implant so that the result is more natural,

  • functionally, to prepare the gum for a future dental or implant prosthesis.

7. Reduce a gummy smile

Reduce a gummy smile and increase the visible part of the teeth when a too large part of gum is discovered by the upper lip, and the ratio "tooth-gum" is not considered aesthetic: too much gum, or not enough tooth.

chirurgie plastique parodontale sourire

8. Restore the symmetry of the smile

Restore the symmetry of the smile by harmonizing the height of teeth collars

chirurgie plastique parodontale sourire
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