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Like any dental practice, we are subject to high standards of hygiene, safety and comfort, which require us to massively use packaging, plastics, disposable products and sensitive products that produce problematic waste.
While respecting these strict hygiene standards, we have chosen to adopt more sustainable, healthier and environmentally friendly practices to reduce our ecological footprint with actions focused on three main axes: water, waste and energy.

Elimination of pollutants - Choice of clean technologies

  • We do not offer mercury or lead amalgam,

  • Taking digital X-rays eliminates the use of toxic chemicals.

  • Our patient files are fully computerized "paperless".

  • At equal efficiency, we favor the use of products that respect the environment and the health of our team and its patients.


Pollutant Reduction - Filtration

  • Our aspiration systems are equipped with particle filters to contain mercury. This is important when removing old fillings to prevent the pollutant from ending up in the wastewater.

  • We sort our waste products

Water saving

  • We installed double flow flushes and informed his patients.

  • Our sterilizers are equipped with water demineralisers to avoid the use of cans.


Energy saving

  • We turn off all our care equipment every night

  • We have installed low energy light bulbs or LEDs.

  • We choose energy-efficient equipment (electrical appliances and computer equipment category A or A +).

  • we inform our patients about the accessibility of our office by public transport
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