Ceramic Veneer

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1. What is a ceramic veneer?
Ceramic veneers or dental veneers are thin ceramic films that are applied to the visible side of the tooth (incisors, canines, even premolars) unlike a crown, which completely covers the tooth.
Veneers have a completely natural appearance and are resistant to food stains. 

2. Why use veneers to enhance your smile?
This aesthetic treatment allows you to correct your smile:

  • the colour of the teeth when tooth whitening treatments are insufficient

  • their shape (worn, broken, too short teeth...)

  • slight malpositions (interdental spaces, misalignment, small overlaps, ...)

  • teeth that have been fractured or slightly worn out

Depending on the correction requested, a crown is more suitable because it is more solid.

3. How are dental veneers placed?
Veneers can usually be applied in 2 or 3 sessions, sometimes more, depending on the desired correction.
During the first appointment, the dentist takes photos, X-rays and impressions, which are used to prepare a cast and then a tray to validate the treatment. 
Then, under local anaesthesia, the dentist cuts the tooth by removing about half a millimeter thick.
A new impression is taken to make the veneer. A temporary veneer will be placed for aesthetic reasons but also to protect the tooth.
Once the final veneer is available, the dentist will apply it using an extremely durable dental cement.

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