Cosmetics & gum restoration: 
Periodontal or Muco-Gingival Plastic Surgery

Cosmetics & smile restoration consists of two main components:

1. What is mucogingival surgery?

It is a branch of periodontal surgery which is concerned with "soft" tissue (gum) in order to improve the esthetics of the smile and / or the comfort of the patient.

2. Why ?

The main applications of mucogingival surgery are :

  •  Covering bare roots

          The covering of gingival recessions solves an aesthetic problem, hypersensitivity to cold or even tooth preservation.

  • Thicken your gums that are too thin

           - aesthetically, to hide the colored root of a devitalized tooth or next to an implant so that the result is more natural.

           - at a functional level, to prepare the gum for a future dental or implant prosthesis

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  • Reduce a gummy smile and increase the visible part of the teeth

         When a too large part of gum is discovered by the upper lip, and the ratio "tooth-gum" is not considered aesthetic: too much gum, or not enough tooth.

  • Restore the symmetry of the smile by harmonizing the height of teeth collars

periodontal surgery gummy smile-dentist-

3. What is this surgery?

The operation takes place under local anesthesia.


Techniques used during an intervention can be :

  • gum graft

  • gingivectomy

  • coronary elongation

  • gingivoplasty

  • frenectomy

4. What are the contraindications ?

Periodontal plastic surgery is done on healthy gums, in the absence of infection. In the case of periodontitis, treatment of periodontal disease must be carried out before any intervention.


         Certain medical contraindications make intervention impossible:

  • valve disease

  • diseases that may have weakened the immune system

  • severe kidney failure

  • uncontrolled diabetes


               The most common causes of failure are:

  • poor hygiene

  • uncontrolled traumatic brushing

  • smoking limiting vascularity of the gums

  • poor design or implementation of the different stages of treatment


5. What are the operating suites

A pre-operative prescription will be given to you in order to minimize the very slight post-operative consequences.


If a graft is removed from  palate, a protective cast will be given to you to alleviate any discomfort.


It is very important to respect the instructions given on the day of surgery for comfort and successful treatment:

  • Prescription monitoring

  • Ice application

  • No brushing of the operated area

  • Passive mouthwashes

  • Warm / cold food for the first week

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