Roots Canal Treatment - Endodontic

1. What is root canal treatment (endodontics)? 

When tooth decay reaches the pulp, the nerve is usually inflamed. Endodontic (root canal) treatment is then recommended to heal the tooth and prevent or eliminate infection.

Inflammation of the nerve of the tooth (dental pulp) is called pulpitis. 

Inflammation causes intense pain. It is then necessary to proceed to a root treatment (endodontic treatment) in order to withdraw the nerve , clean the root canals and fill them with antiseptic paste to prevent new pain


2. What are the symptoms?

Pulp inflammationcgives typical symptoms:

  • Increased sensitivity to cold and heat,

  • Beating dental pain increased with laying position.

3. Root canal treatment

Endodontic treatment consists of several steps:

  • local anaesthesia to numb the painfull tooth

  • make an adequate opening to access the pulp,

  • remove the pulp tissue inside the tooth, thereby devitalizing the tooth,

  • clean the inside of the tooth thoroughly by mechanical action,and rince with an antiseptic solution

  • Shape the channel so that the filling solution penetrates everywhere,

  • dry out the canal system,

  • fill the canal with antiseptic paste

  • Restore the tooth : depending on the case it can be an inlay, an onlay or a crown, thus avoiding any recolonisation by bacteria.

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