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Dental Surgical Microscope


The Dental Operating Microscope (DOM) is a state of the art equipment that allows to observe the tooth to be treated with a magnification of up to 25 times thanks to a professional lens and an intense light source.

In addition to this magnification capacity, the MDO allows to confirm a diagnosis, to increase the precision in particular in cases of root canal re-treatment.


Indeed, the main application of the microscope in dentistry is endodontics (endodontic treatment) since it will allow to find and treat the different root canals, some of which are sometimes very thin. The dental pulp is made up of canals in which vessels and nerve fibres run. The microscope will allow to explore the anatomy and to identify any abnormality present from the enamel to the depth of the root.


It can also diagnose the presence of a pus pocket, inflammation, and even fractures. A root canal is then performed to remove the inflamed nerve and to disinfect the inner part of the tooth. The canal is then permanently filled. 

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