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Sterilization and Traceability

1) Sterilization

Health safety is a paramount concern for our entire team.


It revolves around 4 topics:

  • the sterilization of any instrument used in the mouth (probe, mirror ...) according to a strict protocol: (a) decontamination, thermal pre-disinfection at 90 ° C, drying, packaging in sachets, then sterilization with saturated water vapor with a thermal plateau at 134 ° C for 18min. We use a class-B autoclave of the latest generation with sterilization cycle recording (according to EN 13060).

  • cleaning and disinfecting medical devices such as work surfaces and the dental chair with a hospital disinfectant-disinfectant

  • external and internal disinfection of rotating equipment (turbines, etc.) after each use using a WH Assistina

  • sorting and disposal of healthcare waste at risk of infection, that is, objects and materials soiled by blood and body fluids such as disposable equipment (cotton, compresses, paper tips, saliva aspirations) disposable, gloves, sutures, ..). They are collected in specific containers in order to be incinerated under control and thus respect the environment

Cleaning & disinfection of medical devices


Thermal contra-angles disinfection


Decontamination of our premises by H2O2 disinfectant


It should be noted that the design of our surgical block dedicated to implantology and oral surgeries allows it to be completely cleaned and sanitized before each operation. by means of a dedicated device allowing the spraying of a bio-degradable disinfectant based on H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). This concept then allows to automatically disinfect all the surfaces of a room.

2) Traceability

Each bag of sterilized instruments has a barcode label showing the current date and the batch number corresponding to the sterilization cycle number of the autoclave.

When used, these labels will then be taken off the bags, scanned and archived in the patient's file.

1. Thermo-disinfection after decontaminating tempering with antimicrobial product


2. After packaging the instruments, sterilization in the autoclave


3. Storage of sterile sachets


4. Code bar reading to ensure traceability

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