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Some nutrition tips

Get your child used to drinking water and only water during meals, first of all for reasons of nutritional balance, but also for his teeth health !!!

Sodas and sweets : they should only be consumed exceptionally (birthdays, etc.), if possible only during the snack, especially not throughout the afternoon, otherwise the acidity triggered by absorption is repeated with each ingestion. and is all the more effective in "attacking" the surface of the teeth. Sodas, even without sugar, contain powerful acids (phosphoric, tartaric and / or citric acid !!!) which are very cariogenic ... It is preferable to drink with a straw. It reduces the contact of the acid with the teeth.

Sugar-free products are false friends because they give your dependent child "sweet taste" that he will try to satisfy later on with or without sugar !!!

The hunt for hidden sugars : chips and snack cakes, ketchup, medicine in syrup, throat lozenges or homeopathy...for medicines to be taken "at bedtime", give them well before brushing, because at night we make less saliva (protective for the teeth).


For children who can't brush their teeth at lunchtime, chewing sugar-free gum for at least 5 minutes greatly reduces acid attack (it doesn't replace brushing, but it's better than nothing...).

Opt for so-called detergent foods like crunchy fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods that are too soft, such as fast-food that do not require any chewing effort. The simple fact of chewing first creates friction that partially removes plaque. Then chewing stimulates salivation. This flushes out food particles and lowers the pH.

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