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"A baby, a tooth" ...

It was customary to say that each pregnancy resulted in the loss of a tooth to the mother… why ???


Your gums are bleeding

Hormonal changes related to pregnancy can cause inflammation of the gum. It can be  redder and slightly swollen or even painful when brushing: it is the gingivitis. A descaling by your dentist and a rigorous brushing should stop it ... otherwise it will disappear after childbirth. BUT do not give in to the temptation to no longer brush or less brushing due to the bleeding as this would only aggravate the inflammation !!!


Do you have fatigue , at 9 p.m. are you already drowsy? It is common during the first three months ... Remember to brush your teeth immediately after a meal. That way, you won't have to get up to brush your teeth and “skip” the essential evening brushing.


Morning vomiting?

Courage, in principle it will get better after the third month !!! Rejected food is very acidic and this acidity can attack your teeth. So rinse your mouth with water and a little bicarbonate (not recommended for women with high blood pressure) to raise the pH before brushing your teeth ...


Want to snack?

HOLD YOU !!! Eat more with meals ... Indeed, each time you eat, it follows an acidity in your mouth that attacks your teeth !!! The more it is repeated, the more effective the destruction is ... Want strawberries, pickles or gloubibouga ??? Okay ! but during the meal and followed by a brushing !!!


At the end of pregnancy , your baby can press on your stomach and cause a rise in stomach acid or reflux which attacks your teeth. As with vomiting, it is necessary to "dab" the acidity with a mouthwash with bicarbonate (always prohibited for women with hypertension ...)


We now know that the fluoride taken by the mother does not reach the baby, so no need to take fluoride tablets. On the other hand, use a toothpaste rich in fluorine to protect YOUR teeth ...


After giving birth , remember to pay your dentist a visit for a check-up.

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